Barbarellas. Night Mode

Hands up if you have no idea who or what Barbarellas are/is. Just as I thought, about 99% of people in the world, ever. Don’t worry all you cool dudes that need the latest sound to stay alive you are not missing out. Come in, pull up a pew and I will teach you.

Cast your mind back to the late 90’s when the Irish were all the rage, The Corrs, BoyZone and Westlife were all crooning and making us sway with their Irish charms and The Cranberries were waving their arms in the background warning us about the impending Zombie hordes. Of course all good things must come to an end and four denim clad horsewomen of the apocalypse made this so. First of all they lulled us out of our tree with the promise of tea, then when everything went a little bit pear shaped they blamed the weather man.

B*witched lasted for two albums and as they died so did the Irish pop industry. But out of these ashes came Ms. Lynch. Two of the members of B*witched felt that their music needed to live on and that student unions across the UK would be where the party was it. But for some reason not known to man (I really wasn’t interested enough to find out) they had a re-brand, bought a lot of wigs and became Barbarellas. This is their first album as a duo and I actually like it (please stop the sniggering at the back, it hurts my feelings.) It’s pure pop, once you get rid of the ballad or two, and absolutely perfect for the gym. If I were a DJ (which I’m not) I would play some of these tunes and expect to see some people having a boogie (there may be a reason why I am not a DJ.)

Be warned! Do not listen closely to the lyrics, they are awful. Do not watch the video for Night Mode it is also awful. I have never seen two people look so uncomfortable in front of a camera.

However if you do feel the need to watch it, here it is:



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