Review of Scre4m

“They’re baaaack”

Shut up! Don’t tell me that’s from the wrong film! We are meant to be all intertextual now or so Scre4m has led me to believe (yes Scre4m is an ugly name but if that is what it is born with who are we to judge?) There will be twelve horror movie references in this review, if you find them all you will win a house, seriously a house!* It will be the last one on the left (that was a reference right there.)

So once again we DESCEND (that was another) on Woodsborough where the horror of Scream* began. Sidney is popping in to town to promote her new book about how to survive strong menstrual pain or something, some people applaud, some people get killed and Courtney Cox steals every scene she is in.

For those out there who love horror films but have hated all the ‘horror porn’ then this is a film for you. There is only one truly gruesome scene where Wes Craven seems to be saying, ‘Yes I can do it, but I can do it better so, you know, fuck you!’ The rest of the film is made of genuine shocks and some rather lovely cinematography. Wes has discovered all the beautiful things he can do in high-def wide screen, raising this above the big budget tv programme it could have been.

As for the cast, everyone is top notch. Courtney, Neve and David (I call them by their first names because we are totes BFF, they might not know this) step into the old characters with ease and minus a limp in one persons case. The class of 2011 have an odd role in this film, I don’t think we are actually meant to care about them, they have very little to do and are pretty generic but they play the part of ‘previously in Scream’ very well. For example:

Girl A: Sidney is the Angel of Death

Girl B: Yes Sidney is my cousin and every one she has ever met has been killed except her friends Dewey and Gale who seemed to be covered in some sort of knife repelling Teflon. By the way Gale was once a journalist in a big city but then came to our small town to be with the love of her life who is now the sheriff.

In conclusion. This film is very aware of what its audience expects and delivers it with style along with a number of surprises. If you are in the mood for a roller-coaster ride that will raise your pulse but not make you sick in your mouth a bit, this is a must see for you.

*You will not actually win a house, this is a lie. In fact I will probably get bored with this idea, but lets give it a go.

*mentions of Scream don’t count.

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