Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Make A Scene

Last week I made a trip that I assume all self respecting homosexuals did. I hopped on a plane and flew to Russia so I could download Sophie Ellis- Bextor’s latest treat ‘Make a Scene.’ As soon as it was done I hopped back on the plane so I could listen to it in the peace and tranquillity of my own home.

Now I am going to be very lazy and get you to do the review. This will only work if you have heard any song, or even just a snippet of a song by Sophie EB. Close your eyes, think back to that song what ever it may be. This will be the taxing bit, think of a slightly more clubby remix of it, not so clubby that it becomes dub step but not so light that it becomes 2005. Now times it by 12 tracks and TA-DAH you have imagined ‘Make A Scene.’

What do you think? It’s sort of like a warm hug isn’t it? Like all that Sophie wants to do is to make you dance. She doesn’t care what you look like when you do it just as long as you have those feet tapping. It’s not exactly boundary pushing or cool, but you wouldn’t be embarrassed if some one caught you listening to it. It is a good solid piece of pop. If you like what Sophie has done before, buy this. If you are having a BBQ, buy this. If you are searching for a present for a parental who wants to like Gaga but just can’t, buy this.

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