Dear Diary

27 October 2011

Dear Diary,

My lordy what a long tiring day it has been, let me tell you about it while Tina makes me one of her FAB-U-LUSS pink cos(ho)mos. ACTUAL LOL.

Well it all started in the usual way, me on my back, legs in the air covered in semen and shame. I then crawled out of my den of sin, over Jason (whore) Izeckial (oo what a mouth full) Laurence (sexy lion) Terry (accom) Mikey, Micky, Becky and got on with my day.

The main thing on my agenda was of course to flaunt my sexuality and use my magic powers to convince people that my clearly horrific lifestyle is a valid choice *ahem* of course I just mean lifestyle cus ‘baby I was born this way’.

I started in schools, making sure that those teachers were teaching bumming in every class. Then it was off to the church to have a bit of an argument, took part in a parade, demanded equal rights and generally get up in everyones grill.

When I finally got in and rested my tootsies I read this letter that a newspaper felt was appropriate to place online and leave open for healthy discussion. Darling let me tell you I have a thing or two to say about the comments made.

The main reason I feel I have to flaunt and defend my sexuality is because a big chunk of my brain is filled with a tense overwhelming pressure of frustration that people can’t seem to hear the words they are saying and the way they harms around them. They can’t see that by using words like depraved, perverted and wrong it fuels those that then think it is fine to kill the people in my community or burn the places I socialise. Then when these horrific things happen they hide behind the will of God.

The way I live my life in no way effect your day to day activity, but the hatred you throw in my direction changes mine. Because of your narrow minded bigotry and need to despise someone so you can feel better about yourself means I have to constantly think about my own safety and I have to go about my day knowing that there are people who physically hate me just because of the way I was made.

You make me sick.

Thanks for listening diary, you’re the best.


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