My Zelda Timeline Theory

Sound the alarms, light up the swivelly light things, is in need of a NERD ALERT.

Recently Nintendo released a beautiful art book of the Zelda series to celebrate 25 years of green tunics and floppy hats (don’t rush to the shops just yet, its for Japanese eyes only.) In it’s hard back and soft middle the mysteries of the Zelda timeline is established for the first time like so:

Now this all makes a sort of sense but in my infinite wisdom I have decided that Nintendo are filthy rotten liars!

The big brain inside my skull has looked upon this timeline and thought ‘Nah, Don’t agree. Shigsy and the rest of you are wrong.’ In this timeline it says that Skyward Sword is the very start of the Zelda, Gannon, Link rivalry and the establishing of Hyrule and all that jazz. But I don’t think that this is the first start.

Bear with me.

I think that the Zelda timeline is one giant loop with Skyward Sword being the start of the loop. This isn’t and unusual story in the world of fantasy, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and The Dark Tower series by Stephen King explore the idea in a lot of detail. That time revolves, each action leading to the next in a huge cycle that changes ever so slightly on each trip.

Now what do I have to back up this theory. THE GREAT SAND SEA is one of them, the robots and stuff tottering about the place is the other. We have never seen such advanced technology in a Zelda game before (I warned you this was one for the nerds) so what if, in Spirit Tracks the new civilization founded was über mad on technology then something happens, probably a Ganon thing or a nuclear war that means the goddess has to raise the people up into the sky and the Great Sea which we all grew to know and love in Windwaker became all sandy while the world recovered again and the people of Skyloft fornicated up until the point they made a new Link who jumped from the sky and made the storyline happen again.

This would also account for multiple story threads because each time it was a new cycle in Hyrule history.

And there you have it.

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