Where have all the gayboys goooOOOoooone?

Today I watched the latest episode of Glee (obviously I flew to America to see it legally and yadda yadda) by the end of it I was absolutely repulsed, angered even!

Where have all the limp wristed, pink wearing, lisp spouting, innuendo loving, ass muching, screeching homosexuals gone?

Blaine danced with his brother, well known homosexual Matt Bomer*, did I see one shred of glitter? NO I BLOODY WELL DID NOT.

This ‘trend’ for normalising gays has spread south of the equator too, did you see the kiss on Neighbours? Two boys going at it like animals and it was only in the background of the shot, and no one died. Fucking disgusting if you ask me.

Being gay is not normal. It is a man putting his winky inside the poo hole of another man. The world needs to be warned who these monsters are. Nazis branded the Jews with stars, TV execs need to take charge and start branding gay characters with as as much campary as humanly possible.

How else will our children be safe?

*Matt Bomer may be excused as his surname sounds like an erection.



Matt Bomer shows off his disgusting man loving body.

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  1. Da says:

    Being gay is normal arsehole

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