Cheryl (please go away now)

Cheryl Tweedy fills my heart with a special kind of anger most of it is unfounded but some of it comes from this:

Her face

Her clothes

She is more successful than Nicola Roberts.

She is a racist

Her tendancey to be a beard for known homosexuals.


So her new video is out today:

What a crock of ….. my god has she shit herself? No no it’s just her new tattoo.

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3 Responses to Cheryl (please go away now)

  1. @matthewpoll says:

    Have you seen this Cheryl Cole parady?

    • @matthewpoll says:


    • Sebastian says:

      This sort of thing should be cobnimed with about 5 more posts on the female soldiers that are out there busting their no doubt just as shapely assets and not wearing clumps of mascara, dangly bracelets that would get caught on their weapons or vehicles or oh so tactically sound pink nail polish. The way she looks, I’m going to guess she did’nt spend even a full day with the troops but rather a couple hours tops, posing for ‘candid’ shots like this to try to ingratiate herself with redblooded males 20+ years old. It’s great that we get to see a cute girl in uniform, but how about more cute girls in uniforms that look like they’ve been lived in without BFAs on the ends of their weapons please.

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