Embrace your sameness

I hear the word cliché a lot, more than I would care too really.


Each time I hear the word it seems to be used as a weapon. It’s as though every single person on this planet should be acting like some striking individual making a path through life that no one else will ever do ever. This is foolish. Clichés exist for a reason, people behave in a similar way and it’s fantastic short hand for judging someone with very little knowledge of what they are actually like and no need for that bothersome back story.

With this in mind I sat myself down and thought about the different clichés of the homosexual man, this is the list I came up with before I got bored;

The Queen, The Jock, The Bitch, The one desperately clinging onto any idea that comes their way in an attempt to seem cool (when really you are not, these dudes tend to suffer from short man syndrome or being a ginger.)

It turns out that in trying to write a list of different types of gay men, I was really just writing a list of people I know. BECAUSE WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Just people.

Of course you get the truly exceptional, we call these genius’ and then you get the truly horrific and this is what prison and trigger happy police officers are for.

So today I beg of you, give up on the bright clothes, the nice hair and wanting to stand out from the crowd and embrace that we are all the same, just piles of meat majestically balanced on calcium.

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