The Things I Have Nightmares About

  1. One of my testicles shrivelling up and falling off like a grape
  2.  Metallic denim and shimmer effect cords making a return
  3. A puppy exploding in front of me
  4. Falling down a stone staircase 
  5. Having my eye poked out by Caleb
  6. Buffy returning to TV and being shit
  7. Kate Nash releasing more songs
  8. Killer plants
  9. Horses
  10. Waking up to find a small girl looking at me from around the door frame
  11. Touching some ones shin
  12. Sneezing and flesh coming out
  13. Finding a baby in the street and accidentally kicking it
  14. Gaining a rubbish super power

And finally

A midget dressed as a spider

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