Cabin in the Woods review

There are few films that get me so excited that I feel the overwhelming desire to shake random strangers and tell them ‘ You must see this film as though their life depends on it.” This is one of them.

The Cabin in the Woods is one big stonker of a roller-coaster. If you remain spoiler free Cabin will take you on an incredible trip through horror, comedy and ….well that would be telling.

Be prepared for the lamest synopsis.

Cabin starts with a bunch of five teenagers taking a trip to a small cabin in the woods, so far so clichéd.

This is all you are getting from me.

Joss Whedon of Buffy fame and David Greenwalt from that Cloverfield take you on a rollicking adventure, turning what could have been a run of the mill horror tale onto its head. Cabin de-constructs horror standards in a way only two people absolutley in love with the genre could do. If you think Scream crossed with Drag me to Hell with a dash of a certain series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer then you are pretty close to the tone of Cabin.

Every character action that would normally have you screaming at the screen ‘look behind you’ or ‘don’t split up’ or ‘WHY ARE YOU STILL WEARING CLOTHES CHRIS HEMSWORTH?’ is given reason that even hardened horror haters will find acceptable.

Cabin in the Woods is what cinema is made for. This hour and a half is filled with more horror, action and comedy than hit the silver screen last year and by far the sharpest script. If you think cinema has become patronising recently with big budget blockbusters being all about the boom, this will give you hope.


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