Keep your stupid opinions to yourself

So far this week two homosexuals in their infinite wisdom have decided to say in a public forum that

A.) They cannot think of anything worse than growing up with two fathers

and that

B.) Gay boys can’t be friends with straight boys as we have no control over our dicks and will just want to bang them.

Well done to all concerned, no seriously, thank you. Someone must have found the secret to time travel and decided to bring some archaic thoughts and opinions forward to 2012 and present them as those of the normal populous.

In the spirit of going all retro, why not bring back:

  • All men of colour will rape your daughter (this is similar to the lack of penis control that gay men have, we are just animals, in no way comparable to our superior white heterosexual brothers)
  • Ladies, I’m sorry but your brains are too small to deal with such things as work and conversation, can you please shut up and go back to the kitchen.
  • Ladies and gentlemen from India you will eat nothing but curry from this day forward, our British food is far to bland for you.
  • Disabled people, god love you, you try, but you just can’t do sport.

Really what I’m trying to say is. If you are going to come out with some backwards bullshit that doesn’t add to the conversations and issues around gender and identity would you kindly fuck off.

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