Frankenweenie – THE REVIEW

The key things to begin with:

  • Yes it is in black and white
  • Yes the 3D is lovely
  • Yes it is stop motion although it doesn’t always look it

Next, a bold statement:


Then something to pull it back a bit:

  • (but it made me want to watch Edward Scissorhands ands Beetlejuice to be reminded of when Burton was truly awesome.)

Then a non spoiler overview of the story:

It’s pretty good. A perfect Sunday afternoon film. By the numbers story with the right balance of frights, chuckles and tears. Those who love B-movies, old school science fiction and hammer horror will get a smidge more from Frankenweenie. You will want to buy merchandise from this film and find yourself angry at cinemas for not providing a gift shop


A beautiful love letter to old school movies and story telling. Go into this film with the mental mantra of ‘don’t question, just accept’ and you will have a lovely time.

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