A public service announcement



They start off human, enjoying sunshine, eating and face to face interaction. But then one day this happens:

Person A ‘Have you tried twitter? It’s aces, you get to follow                                           celebrities and what not.’

Person B (Eric) ‘I have not tried this social network but I will on your recommendation.’

That night, alone, when Eric creates his profile and sends his first tweet an amazing transformation occurs, he  becomes ‘A DOUCHE.’ The sudden hit of attention fills his brain with lightning. Days are spent crafting the perfect tweet, waiting for the optimum time to click send. His follower count becomes a measuring stick of his own self-worth. Who needs a fast car or a big dick when 1,000 people can potentially read your words?

The absolute worst thing that can happen to Eric is that someone he admires follows him. Inevitably (because Eric has spent six moths replying to their every tweet) the moment comes. Eric’s delusions of grandeur become so immense he has an aneurism and dies.

Poor Eric.

Or he survives and it all escalates further and Eric lives his life through those he follows, ‘they just seem to be having the bestest time.’

I suppose parts of this happen to all on twitter, it appeals to the narcissist in those that use it. But what’s the best plan of action if you see someone you like falling down this trap? Do you take them to one side and slap them? Wait and see if it all becomes good? Or do you just simply click unfollow?

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  1. romanysue says:

    I like your words. I literally sat and read every blog post. More please.

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