Oh crap, the children are dying.

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Duvet had been having a wonderful day. He’d learned many things at school; he could finally do his two times table (up to the number 12,) the teacher taught him where cheese came from (not from flowers apparently,) and he discovered that the spinal column was the tastiest part of a baby.

It was now home time, so he skipped, he couldn’t help himself. All the other kids made fun of him for his skipping. They said he didn’t do it right, they laughed at him and threw things. But how else was he meant to skip when his lower half was all tentacles? He would tie two of his sucker covered appendages together to form the rope then merrily jump over them, it made his little brother giggle and that all Duvet cared about really.

Now this is when everything started to turn to shit.

There had been reports from the neighbouring town of an illness, it was causing people to ….. well it had all been a little vague, all his mother would say was  “peculiar”. Duvet had tried not to worry about these things, worrying made his head fuzzy.

In the middle of a rather exuberant skip, a small puppy crossed his path.  Its floppy ears dragged along the ground and its oversized paws repeatedly trod on them causing it to yelp.

“Awwwwwww I will take this puppy home, I  want this puppy.” Duvet said to himself as he lowered his arms to scoop the little beast up.

The puppy looked directly into Duvet’s eyes, the stare became so intense he felt a scream starting to rise in his throat. Then the horror truly began. What was once an adorable puppy started to open its jaws exposing long, sharp crystal like teeth lubricated in thick goo. A foul smell of rotting flesh rushed out of the creatures mouth as it let out  a high shrill noise that caused Duvets brain to shake and rupture. Duvet was lost in a world of confusion and pain, all he had wanted was the puppy.

His last thought, as teeth ripped into his throat, was the joyful sound of his brother laughing.

After this incident the town went into panic. The plague had clearly hit their home. All delusions of safety and superiority over other monsters had been shattered.

Multi eyed inhabitants were given the special task of watching out for those infected. Those that could project lasers, mucus or anything else at force were given permission to shoot to kill. Everyone else was told not to panic, stay indoors as much as possible and most importantly don’t stay out after dark.


Patsy was a fire-breathing member of the Rassalon tribe. At a very young age she discovered she was very powerful, her flames shone greener than the rest of her brethren and could melt the hardest of metals. Unfortunately, a blast from the fire within her belly would induce mind numbing migraines, leaving her bed ridden for days. At the end of her monster studies she had decided to go against everyone that told her to join the army and instead thought that being a biologist was the best way forward.

Up till today it had been a pretty easy career. All the types of monster had been categorised and all known illness had a treatment. There was really very little to do in the lab other than filming how various animals reacted to recreational drugs and then posting it on YouTube. Patsy was about to ‘drop acid’ with a turtle when the lab tech came running in holding a small vial of blood as far away from him as possible.

“We…. need…..to….know…what ..this is!” He forced out words between shallow breaths.

“Ummmmm, I think it’s blood. You dipshit.” Patsy, had never been the most patient. It was one of the reasons she enjoyed working in a lab so much, there were very few occasions to interact with and be pissed off by others.

“Yes, I know that! But it’s what’s in the blood! A boy was killed this morning by an…an..an infected dog. One of the Klaxon clan killed it, the dog, not the boy, the boy was already dead, and we have a sample! The first sample of infected blood.” The tech was becoming red in the (green) face out of frustration and excitement.

“Thanks for the exposition. Is there anything else I need to know?” She snatched the blood from the tech and turned away before he had a chance to answer. The truth was that Patsy was excited and didn’t want the him/it to know.

No one had dared use the word zombie just yet, but everyone knew that was what infected meant. There hadn’t been a zombie sighting in over fifty years and the last full-blown outbreak had required a whole continent to be quarantined. Patsy had been ‘working’ (well, she thought about it once, this was the closest she came to work) on a theory about zombies. It was well-known that the creature had to be dead before the virus started the reanimation process. But there was no heartbeat, so how on earth were signals and chemicals still being moved about the body? Patsy thought that if she could solve this she would be able to make a cure.

This plague had haunted monster kind for centuries and she knew that it was in her to solve it. Patsy would be famous and that would be amazing. She dusted off her microscope, found glass plates to smear the blood on, chomped down on some chocolate and got to work.


This wasn’t really the time to celebrate a birthday but as the world turned to shit the parents of the town tried their hardest to make the lives of their kids as normal as possible. It was Toby’s 11th birthday and his parents painted on fake smiles (literally, they had no mouth and found it easier to paint their expressions on so others would know how they were feeling) and finished wrapping Toby’s gift, a unicycle he had been eyeing up. They had invited all Toby’s friends for a feast of baby back ribs, baby lips and other fine cuts of new-born human. They were going to eat babies from toe to tooth.

Children arrived. Music played. The bouncy castle inflated. Laughter and a care free feeling started to fill the air.

No one noticed Suzie May slither through the fence after her favourite orange ball. No one saw a single claw slit her throat, heard the final breadth leave her body or bear witness to her eyes opening again as she was brought back from the dead.

Laurence was dearly loved by his parents but there wasn’t enough love in the world to protect him from the spike driven into his chest. It took Laurence 30 seconds to die and only 10 to come back.

Jackie and her cousin Tobias The Great weren’t even invited to the party. One claw was forced through the back of Tobias’ head with such force that it then glided through Jackie’s eye like butter. Poor Jackie was just trying to kiss Tobias.

One by one the children died and were reborn with a new thirst for blood and of course, brains.


“They’re going to nuke the whole fucking town! What are you doing?” The lab tech was scared, pretty understandable considering the situation they were in.

“shut. up.” Patsy hissed leaning over a petree dish.

It had been six days since the first attack and close to 200 inhabitants had been murdered. Panic had become the standard emotion being felt and Patsy wasn’t one bit surprised to hear that some moron had decided to ‘nuke the town,’ it hadn’t worked in Resident Evil, it wasn’t going to work now.

After failing to discover a cure within the first 24 hours of infection Patsy had started to give up and decided to get wasted on whatever alcohol she could find. It was during a slurred rant with the local butcher that the new and improved plan occurred. Patsy’s research showed that the cytoplasmic x gene, vital for hormonal communication, was re-energised by the zombie virus. This gene was fuelled by raw flesh. She needed a way to disrupt this process, it was the butcher and his passion filled hatred of vegetarians that made her look at the humble carrot and potatoes in a new light.

The antidote was a thick concentrate of vegetable extract. Patsy held her breadth as the a tiny drop fell from the pipette onto a sample of blood.

A tiny splash.

A mild hiss.

The blood turned from monster blue to transparent.

Patsy had found the cure.

The next problem was how to manufacture and distribute it quickly.

Patsy weighed up her options. A bomb could hit the town at any moment. If she were to go to the town hall there would be arguing with senior management and  the possibility of looking like a basket case as she waved what was basically vegetable soup in the faces of people who didn’t understand. Alternatively she could pack up her bags and run! Take this chance to reach the next conurbation and appear like an angel with a miracle cure as soon as the infection hit.

“Tech! Pack up the lab and get your running shoes on.”

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