A poem – Its called ‘Say Something’

A bit of pre-ramble here. I’ve never written anything like this before so have no idea where it lies on the scale of angsty teenager to poet laureate. It’s meant to be spoken aloud with some distracting arm gestures to get over the ropey bits. 

Feedback would be appreciated. 

Here we go…

Say Something

Say something.
For the love of all things holy FIGHT WITH ME!
I’ve rung the bell,
Carefully constructed a ring of self deprecation, insults and honesty,
And I’ve lined up the ghosts of our past as referee and audience.

Bring it!
Step up and join me.

But you don’t,
you sit there in silence.
Your eyes mist up,
You don’t want this.

I’m sorry

I don’t mean to scare you,
And I don’t want you sad
I’m confused and don’t know how to make sense of this mess of thoughts, images and chemicals.

I need to know you care

I’m exposing myself,
Telling you all my horrors.
Your silence continues.
Please react.



Finally, you lean forward,I know what’s coming.
One small sarcastic raise of your eyebrow and my energy’s gone,
Your fingers touch mine and the world turns from red to blue.
The ghosts fade away.

We can’t keep doing this.
You look so tired.

I sit down next to you, rest my head on your shoulder and close my eyes.
Tomorrow it’ll be better.
It has to be.

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One Response to A poem – Its called ‘Say Something’

  1. donna says:

    Brilliantly written David. X

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