Sweet Dreams

You did it
You fucking did it again
That. Is. Hilarious.
It sounded so deep, so satisfying, almost luxurious.

I’m jealous.



That is really disgusting.
What did you eat? Are you dying?

You know the rules, outside of the sheets, outside of the bloody sheets

Bloody? Are you bleeding? You smell like you’re bleeding.
No I’m not an expert on the the smells of anal bleeding, but what every in Holy Hell you just created is a clear sign that things are just not right.

Yes I’m being serious.
Go check now.

Christ! Move quicker, you’re letting the heat out and the smell in.

When did you find time to eat all a farmyard?
No, I’m not calling you fat, it’s purely yet another reference to the obnoxious smell hovering in the air which is now waging all out war on my nostrils, taste buds and every pore of my body.

Is the smell in my hair? Do I need to shower?

Don’t slam the door.

Have you checked?
Is it ok?
Are you dying?

Just a little bit?

Can you wipe sitting down rather than standing, you leave flecks.
Yes, flecks.
Of course you don’t see them, I pick them up.

Are you ok?

Hurry back. I miss you.

I kept your side warm for you.
Can you rub my back?
Yes, that’s the spot.

Yes you’re winding me.

Shut up.
I got mine outside of the sheets.

I love you.


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