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I saw some pretty excellent plays.

I got to see some excellent plays recently unfortunately two of the three have ended, so you cant see them, sucks to be you.* Gods and Monster – willies and bleakness It’s a bird … It’s a plane … It’s … Continue reading

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No one loves the Wicked, except me and here’s why

I went to see Wicked and fell in love with it again, this is why you should too:

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Vada review – Little Boots

Give up everyone, pack up your things and go home, yes even you at the back Gaga stop fiddling with your album app hybrid opus, seriously stop it, we will hit you. Pop has been completed, we don’t need anymore. … Continue reading

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Episode recap: Doctor Who – Nightmare in Silver

In the the dark countryside a lone man walks towards a castle on the hill. Through forests of howling wolves he travels as lightening cracks the sky in two. His fear can’t overwhelm him, his grand mission is all that’s … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Episode Recap – The Rings Of Akhaten

We all have words or phrases pop up in conversation which make us wizz and burr into robotic life to tell the same well rehearsed tale over and over again. ‘David your accent’ ‘Oh my accent, well I was born … Continue reading

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Paranormal Activity 4 – A review

Lazy There you go, that’s the review. I figured I’d put as much effort into it as they did the film. I hope you enjoyed it. Nothing more to see here, move along. Well if you insist…. The found footage … Continue reading

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Frankenweenie – THE REVIEW

The key things to begin with: Yes it is in black and white Yes the 3D is lovely Yes it is stop motion although it doesn’t always look it Next, a bold statement: THE BEST TIM BURTON FILM IN YEARS … Continue reading

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Barbarellas. Night Mode

Hands up if you have no idea who or what Barbarellas are/is. Just as I thought, about 99% of people in the world, ever. Don’t worry all you cool dudes that need the latest sound to stay alive you are … Continue reading

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Make A Scene

Last week I made a trip that I assume all self respecting homosexuals did. I hopped on a plane and flew to Russia so I could download Sophie Ellis- Bextor’s latest treat ‘Make a Scene.’ As soon as it was … Continue reading

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Review of Scre4m

“They’re baaaack” Shut up! Don’t tell me that’s from the wrong film! We are meant to be all intertextual now or so Scre4m has led me to believe (yes Scre4m is an ugly name but if that is what it … Continue reading

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