Me and Shon Faye

I spoke to the incredibly impressive Shon Faye as part of a series of talks at Engine. You can watch the hour conversation here, or read Jack Cartwright’s write up of the session below. Shon Faye, a brilliant write and LGBTQ+ campaigner joined Engine for the latest Engine Presents event. With David Blackett, Senior StrategistContinue reading “Me and Shon Faye”

David Blackett (me) in The Guardian talking about Disney World!

A few years ago (just before I took a break from writing) I was commissioned to write a travel piece for adults about to visit the happiest place on Earth. I love Disney, adults and the amount of attention that getting published in The Guardian gave me. Ideal work really. I was also commissioned toContinue reading “David Blackett (me) in The Guardian talking about Disney World!”