Hello here’s a bit about me (it’s what you came here for right?)

My name is David, thank you for visiting my site. I hope at least something makes you smile and I hope lots of things make you so impressed you’re like ‘what a cool dude, that is very professional and the level of twee that I find approachable and not at all irritating, I think we could work on interesting projects together.’

In my soul I think of myself as a writer but my bank account is more likely to say I’m an advertising strategist. I’m obviously excellent at both. I’ve developed campaigns for some of the UK’s leading brands including Churchill, Warburtons and NOW TV, creating strategy, copy and content on award winning campaigns. When it comes to solid gold words from me, you can see them on the likes of The Guardian, Vice and a wealth of websites and blogs.

  • You can find samples of my published work here.
  • You can see some of my advertising portfolio here (when it’s up and running)
  • And if you want to read some unedited thoughts (that may or may not be about the TV sensation Neighbours) then you can click here.

Thanks for taking time to visit, if you want to get in touch then drop me a DM over on Twitter of send me an email.

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