A wedding that shouldn’t happen (or should it?)

I was given a brief to write a best man’s speech for a wedding that shouldn’t happen. This is what I wrote. I did not hear from the brief giver again. Enjoy! Sally. Jack. I am so honoured to be here today and to be able to give you this speech.  I can’t tell youContinue reading “A wedding that shouldn’t happen (or should it?)”

Where will you die in the office?

I threw these words together after reading far too much Click Hole showing that I am both adaptable and HILARIOUS. We’ve all considered taking our lives before, during and after a slog at the office. But where is the best place? Thankfully HP has the answer. A recent survey commissioned by HP and conducted byContinue reading “Where will you die in the office?”

A very edited history of places I’ve been published

Is this a page I want to publish? Is this a page you want to read? I don’t think anyone has the answer. No one. Here is where I’m going to post all the links to the dregs of my writing I find across the internet. Some bits are not great and other bits are.Continue reading “A very edited history of places I’ve been published”