Pinkwashing in advertising

For Pride Month I wrote about Pinkwashing and how brands can show shallow support for the LGBTQ+ community whilst behind the scenes doing work that is actively harmful. The article ran on Little Black Books and Creative Pool. Horrendous rainbow suits are on sale, brands have momentarily added some multicoloured pizzazz to their logos and,Continue reading “Pinkwashing in advertising”

A wedding that shouldn’t happen (or should it?)

I was given a brief to write a best man’s speech for a wedding that shouldn’t happen. This is what I wrote. I did not hear from the brief giver again. Enjoy! Sally. Jack. I am so honoured to be here today and to be able to give you this speech.  I can’t tell youContinue reading “A wedding that shouldn’t happen (or should it?)”

What straight people can learn from gays

In response to “Six sex and love lessons straight couples can learn from gay relationships,” by esteemed sex column veteran Tracey Cox I wrote about the seven things straight people could actually learn about from us gays for Vice. Read the full article here and if you speak Danish and really wish it was accessibleContinue reading “What straight people can learn from gays”

A very edited history of places I’ve been published

Is this a page I want to publish? Is this a page you want to read? I don’t think anyone has the answer. No one. Here is where I’m going to post all the links to the dregs of my writing I find across the internet. Some bits are not great and other bits are.Continue reading “A very edited history of places I’ve been published”