A very edited history of places I’ve been published

Is this a page I want to publish? Is this a page you want to read? I don’t think anyone has the answer. No one.

Here is where I’m going to post all the links to the dregs of my writing I find across the internet. Some bits are not great and other bits are.

FS Magazine is a sexual health publication but with swears. I had a blast writing for them even though the topics included the gay mental health crisis (this was written a number of years ago and thankfully feels out of date now) and how to stay safe on Grindr.

Vada was (is?) a gay lifestyle website that was (is?) set to rival the big boys like Attitude and Gay Times. I loved writing reviews and silly think pieces for them and when the editor decided to move on the pastures new I followed him on his journey across the internet to now defunct websites. Some highlights included the still relevant Animal Crossing bit, an adorable little insight into why I love Zelda so much and this oddly prescient take on Batfleck (yes we’re going back that far.) It also includes my take on a Bake Off recap that I was really proud of at the time but might not have aged well and I don’t dare look.

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